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Closings and Layoffs in the Roanoke Region 

Company Industry Date Type Jobs
Roanoke Gas Customer Service June 2017 Layoff 18
Advance Auto Company Management - Headquarters June 2017 Layoff Unknown
Roanoke Times Printing/Insert Production May 2017 Layoff 53
LSC Communications Commercial Printing Mary 2017 Closing 140
Freightcar America Railcar Manufacturing February 2017 Layoff 198
GE Energy Electrical Equip. Manufacturing March 2017 Layoff  Unknown
Freightcar America Railcar Manufacturing February 2017 Layoff 166
Yokohama Tire Tire Manufacturing October 2016 Layoff 50
Chubb Insurance October 2016 Layoff 71
Virginia Forge Automotive/Forge June 2016 Closure 60
Allstate Insurance/Customer Support May 2016 Layoff Unknown
Modukraf Modular Home Mfg May 2016 Closure 150
Norfolk Southern Rail Transportation January 2016 Layoff 38
Capco Machinery Machinery Manufacturing December 2015 Layoff 40
Advance Auto Company Management - Headquarters August 2015 Layoff 50
Old Virginia Brick Brick Manufacturing June 2015 Closure 20
HSN Customer Fulfillment Center June 2015 Closure 350
John C. Nordt Co. Jewelry/High Precision Mfg June 2015 Layoff 10-25
U.S. Postal Service Postal Service January 2015 Layoff 200
Norfolk Southern Company Management/Regional Office January 2015 Closure 500
nTelos Customer Support Center January 2015 Closure 50
Yokohama Tire Tire Manufacturing January 2015 Layoff 31
Allstate Customer Support Center October 2014 Layoff 185
General Shale Brick Manufacturing September 2014 Closure 45
Wells Fargo Banking Call Center September 2014 Layoff 115
Exelis Opitcal/Electronic Product Mfg July 2014 Layoff 60
Exelis Optical/Electronic Product Mfg April 2014 Layoff 60
Pepsi Bottling Group Beverage Mfg February 2014 Layoff 30
BB&T  Customer Care Center February 2014 Closure 140
General Electric Electrical Equipment Mfg October 2013 Layoff 20
Solstas Lab Partners Medical Laboratory October 2013 Layoff 8
PixelOptics Company Headquarters October 2013 Closure 31
Roanoke Times Newspaper September 2013 Layoff 31
Allstate Insurance June 2013 Layoff Unknown
Exelis Optical/Electronic Product Mfg March 2013 Layoff 75
Timber Truss Wood Product Mfg March 2013 Closure 52
Precision Fabrics Group Textile Product Mfg March 2013 Layoff 30
Cycle Systems Recycling March 2013 Layoff 60
Norfolk Southern Rail Transportation February 2013 Layoff 140
Liberty Medical Medical Supply Sales and Dist. December 2012 Layoff 200
Exelis Optical/Electronic Product Mfg October 2012 Layoff 300
Norfolk Southern Rail Transportation October 2012 Layoff 100
Cycle Systems Recycling May 2012 Layoff 45
Hanover Direct Customer Fulfillment January 2012 Closure 200
Exelis Optical/Electronic Product Mfg January 2012 Layoff 375
Wachovia Banking August 2011 Layoff 59
Foot Levelers Medical Device Manufacturing June 2011 Layoff 20

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