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Wage Data

Average Income

Per Capita Personal Income (2014) $43,405
Median Household Income (2014) $50,340

Occupation Salary
Packers and packagers, hand $20,700
Laborers and freight, stock, material movers $26,780
Industrial truck and tractor operators $32,580
Truck drivers, light or delivery $32,630
Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer $41,680
Maintenance and repair workers $35,280
Construction laborers $28,090
Carpenters $35,370
Officer clerks, general $30,240
Stock clerks and order fillers $24,890
Receptionists and information clerks $24,890
Customer service representatives $31,670
Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks $35,890
First-line office managers and administrative support $54,240
Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing $62,100
Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants $24,980
Licensed practical and vocational nurses $40,870
Registered nurses $61.990
Elementary school teachers $47,920
General and operations managers $109,840
Sources: Bureau of Economic Analysis, US Census American Community Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.


The Roanoke Region offers a range of diverse industries providing competitive job opportunities. The following charts outline the average wages for each general profession. For more information on jobs not listed here, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Professional, Technical & Managerial

Median Hourly Wage

Manager - Computer/Information Systems


Manager - Human Resources


Manager - Industrial Production/Plant


Manager - General & Operations


Engineer - Electrical


Engineer - Mechanical                                                




Median Hourly Wage

Bookkeeping/Accounting Clerk                  


Executive Secretary/Admin Assistant


Receptionist/Switchboard Operator                        


General Office Clerk




Median Hourly Wage

Computer Programmer


Computer Support Specialist                                   




Median Hourly Wage



Printing Press Machine Operator


Machinery Maintenance Mechanic


Tool and Die Maker


Welder and Cutter


Electric and Electronics Equipment Assembler



Materials Movement & Service                      

Median Hourly Wage



Packer & Packager


Stock Clerk and Order Filler


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2065 Occupational Employment & Wage Estimates (Most recent dat available)

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