Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Leads Way in Brain Awareness Outreach

The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute was recently recognized by the Dana Foundation for its work on public outreach during Brain Awareness Week (BAW). The executive director of the VTCRI, Michael Friedlander, Ph.D., was interviewed for the Alliance’s blog, specifically focused on last year’s successful events put on by the VTCRI during BAW.

Dana was especially impressed with the children’s outreach programs including the “Mythbusters: The Truth About Your Brain” event for middle and high school students in partnership with the Science Museum of Western Virginia, and the creativity around “Food for Thought: Chefs Celebrate Brain Awareness Week,” which challenged local restaurants to create dishes using brain-healthy ingredients.

Read the full interview with Dr. Friedlander >>>

The Dana Foundation sponsors public brain awareness activities in cities around the globe and is one of the main organizations supporting brain research through grants, publications, and educational programs.

Brain Awareness Week is March 10-16, but the VTCRI will be holding events and programs through March 27.

You can find a list of upcoming events on their website >>>