Spring Break: Cycling Magazine Features Roanoke Region

The mountain biking scene in the Roanoke Region is as robust as any out there. The locals know it, riders around the state know it, and those outside the region are beginning to take notice. The secret is beginning to get out.

Mountain biking lifestyle magazine Dirt Rag – “Your independent mountain bike magazine, since 1989″ – recently featured a trip to the Roanoke Region as part of it’s spring bike testing trip. The team set up shop at New Castle’s Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing, just north of Roanoke, Va in Washington-Jefferson National Forest.

While Wilderness Adventure served as Dirt Rag‘s basecamp, the team sampled several trail systems in the region. Price Mountain, Dody Ridge, Spec Mine, and Mill Mountain were all mentioned and praised in the article. The team spent two days riding the Carvin’s Cove, and were particularly impressed with the “Gauntlet” trail. 

A sample: 

“The final day took us into Roanoke for breakfast and a stop at Underdog Bikes. From there we hit up another city park, Mill Mountain. Located about five minutes from downtown, the park boasts 12 miles of singletrack and is a favorite spot of locals’ for lunch rides. Smooth, well maintained trails; it was a great way to wrap up our trip.

There is a huge variety of trails in the area, and it would be easy to tailor rides to fit riding fitness, skills and preferences. We rode everything from a rigid 29+ to a 160mm all mountain bike, and everyone was smiling.”

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