Cheesy Western Noted as One of Best Burgers in Virginia

best burger in roanoke virginia

How many of the 20 best burgers in Virginia have you tried?

Chances are you’ve had at least one with the Cheesy Western from Texas Tavern headlining the 20 Best Burgers ranking from Thrillist.

Here’s what the online list giant had to say about Roanoke’s somewhat famous burger: “You only have one decision to make at Texas Tavern: Cheesy or Cheesy with. The latter means your Cheesy Western will come with onions in addition to the standard fried egg, melted cheese, pickles and sweet relish. Matt Bullington runs the place these days — he’s the great-grandson of the original owner, who opened the shop in 1930. The counter and the bar stools are original, and the prices haven’t moved much since then. ‘A Depression era diner with Depression era prices,’ Matt says after describing it as ‘Cheers without the alcohol.’ Cheesy Westerns ring in at $2.60, and you can get one 24/7. Harry Connick Jr. popped in for one recently, as did Kevin Costner.”

So how do you like yours – cheesy or cheesy with?

Other burgers on the list are from places such as Shelton’s Big Grill in Virginia Beach, Burger Bach in Richmond, and 2491 Restaurant in Falls Church. You can find the whole list – and check off your other favorites – from Thrillist.