Young Professional Takes Over Get2KnowNoke

amy twitterWelcome Amy McArthur to Get2KnowNoke this week. You might know Amy from the Roanoke Rescue Mission, where she works behind the scenes on social media as well as writing press releases and grants.

Amy grew up in Salem and moved back to the Roanoke Region after finishing her degree in historic preservation from the University of Mary Washington. She started her career as a wedding planner before switching to the nonprofit sector where she says she loves her job!

This week she’ll tweet about everything, including Roanoke Valley Gives – which is a region-wide day of giving on Wednesday and some of her favorite things from binge watching TV shows to sampling great food to cats and Disney to hammocking.

Tweeting from her personal account, @amykmca, Amy is on top of pop culture. From memes to gifs to videos, you will find it all. (And she loves Disney!) Professionally, you find her as the voice of the Roanoke Rescue Mission on Twitter, where you can find stories of community and inspiration. Here’s her bio: UMW grad and working at @rescuemission48

Here are a couple more facts about Amy.

  • What she likes about social media: “Social media is how I keep connected to people. I have friends and family all around the country and it’s a great way to keep tabs on everyone.”
  • Favorite Roanoke Region place, thing, or hangout: “I love that this area has so many things to do outside. I love to spend the weekend floating down the James River or New River and just soaking in the face that I live in a beautiful place!”

If you are on Twitter, give @amykmca a follow and make sure to join the conversation this week on @get2knownoke.

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