A Closer Look at Accelerate 2022: Talent Solutions

When the Roanoke Regional Partnership announced the Accelerate 2022 fundraising effort, it included four key strategic areas for the organization’s program of work over the next five years.

  • Leadership and engagement. Creating active, engaged leaders and citizens who advocate for the region.
  • Talent solutions. Creating a dedicated talent attraction program that builds upon the region’s livability and connects with local college students.
  • Targeted marketing. Strengthening marketing to position the Roanoke Region as an energized destination for business and talent.
  • Asset development and outdoor branding. Ensuring the region has the product, amenities and systems in place to propel economic growth.

The plan builds on the program of work adopted in 2012 that took the region to a higher level, creating over the past five years 3,305 primary jobs, 3,459 secondary jobs, $501 million in investments, annual consumer expenditures of $192 million, an increase in per-capita income by nearly 12 percent, and an increase in annual inquiry activity of 27.9 percent. Almost all metrics wildly exceeded goals set in 2012.
The Partnership completed a strategic planning process in 2016 to assess the region’s competitive position and match its program of work to the opportunities and challenges of a competitive, global economy. Business and government leaders helped build the plan.
Here’s a deeper look at the Talent Solutions part of the plan.

Create a dedicated talent attraction program that builds upon the region’s livability narrative.

  • Create a staff position that focuses on the talent attraction program just as the creation of the outdoor branding position developed that asset into an economic sector.
  • Create a marketing strategy that focuses on actions, activities, and tools that communicate with talent in targeted national markets.
  • Launch talent attraction campaigns in targeted geographies and audiences.
  • Support talent attraction associated with the Health Sciences and Technology Innovation District.

Connect local college students to the Roanoke Region.

  • Host networking and social events for regional college students.
  • Connect regional students with regional job opportunities.
  • Build communication channels that inform students of interesting activities and events.

Do you want to know more about the five-year strategy or how an investment in the Roanoke Regional Partnership can work for you? Contact us to learn more. (lisa@roanoke.org)