Talent Programming is Working for You in 2019

talent programming 2019

The Roanoke Regional Partnership is building tools that you can use to help attract and retain talent. It starts with Get2KnowNoke.com, a website designed to speak to your potential workforce.

And then it extends to new events and programs designed to connect with college students, young workers, and mid-level employees across all fields. Here’s what we are planning in 2019:

Make summer internships better by helping you create the “stickiness” that makes your interns want to stay in the region after graduation.

How we’re doing it:

  • Connect students to a peer network
  • Introduce students to an attractive YP lifestyle with outdoor adventure, sporting events, restaurants, housing, etc.
  • Provide professional development, soft skills training, and networking with regional leaders

Create a pipeline that connects college students to businesses in the Roanoke Region.

How we’re doing it:

  • Bring local companies to college campuses for some face-to-face with students.
  • Bring college students to Roanoke to visit companies and see the amazing opportunities here.
  • Talk to student groups about Roanoke area opportunities.

Put together Experience 2019, a conference to attract and retain young professionals. We’ll also create year-round professional development to connect and grow your workforce of the future.

How we’re doing it:

Promote jobs and the benefits of the Roanoke region lifestyle outside the market to attract in-demand professionals.

How we’re doing it:

  • Connect with alumni groups and professional organizations across the state
  • Promote engaging content on social media to link professionals to the region
  • Speak at events outside the region

Want to be a part of it all? Get involved. Contact Erin Burcham