Roanoke Region Colleges Get Funding to Boost Tech Talent Pipeline

virginia tech talent program

Two universities in western Virginia will receive state funds to create a tech talent pipeline in computer science and related fields.

The Tech Talent Investment Program will channel funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia to its public universities with a goal of graduating more than 25,000 bachelor’s and master’s students in computer science and related fields over the next 20 years.

Virginia Tech and Radford University are two of the schools in this state consortium and together are committed to 6,305 bachelor’s and 10,324 master’s degrees.

“Demand for such talent has exploded in recent years and this initiative will help the Roanoke Region and Virginia meet this ever-growing need for talent,” said Beth Doughty, executive director of the Roanoke Regional Partnership.

The Roanoke Regional Partnership has a formal talent attraction program that connects employers, higher education, and talent under the Get2KnowNoke brand