Partnership Connects in Many Ways During COVID-19

In the first week of the COVID-19 crisis, the Roanoke Regional Partnership created Roanoke Region Responds, a web portal filled with resources for employers, employees, and job seekers.

The site has links to more than 30 national, state, and local resources for assistance and guidance during this time. The site also connects to job listings from more than 30 employers who are hiring for a variety of jobs throughout the region.


Roanoke Outside

Roanoke Outside has been the most visited website in the Partnership’s portfolio. Traffic has been “crazy high” as so many people search for ways to get outdoors. Roanoke Outside has also been an important communications channel through Instagram, Facebook and the weekly Get Outside newsletter. The resources page is a thorough listing of what’s open, what’s closed, and the best adventures for outdoor exercise and social distancing.



Get2KnowNoke is another resource with a different slant. In addition to many of the same programs as, has information on family and child care, insurance rebates, and professional development tips. also offers mini-sessions on important topics such as nutrition, productivity, and work/life balance.



All the sites and social media are updated daily as the Partnership works to connect and inform during the COVID-19 pandemic.