Roanoke Rises Up on Twitter

Emily Nussbaum, a staff writer for The New Yorker, was just watching television on Monday, which she does for living, when she came up on a 1970 episode of The Dating Game. Karen Carpenter (yes, that Karen Carpenter) won a date to Roanoke (yes, that Roanoke). Nussbaum’s Twitter post said “a trip to Roanoke seemed more like a punishment” which launched an avalanche of posts setting her straight on Roanoke.

Everyone from City Hall to VDOT to Hotel Roanoke to Virginia Delegate Sam Rasoul posted in support of Roanoke. Transplants, natives, and visitors effusively praised the region. Posts drew attention to the region’s beauty, livability, outdoor activities, restaurants, arts, and more.

Some claimed we might be a little “sensitive” due to the number of responses Nussbaum’s tweet received. But let’s think of it as an overwhelming sense of community pride in a region that’s attracting people and business for all the reasons posted.

Of course, there was the obligatory post confusing Roanoke and The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. It’s not even the same state! It’s six hours away! And we’re still here enjoying all the Roanoke Region of Virginia has to offer.