2018: 3 New Events

New events were introduced in 2018 by the Roanoke Regional Partnership’s talent attraction and retention initiative.

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Talent Programming is Working for You in 2019

talent programming 2019

The Roanoke Regional Partnership is building tools that you can use to help attract and retain talent. It starts with Get2KnowNoke.com, a website designed to speak to your potential workforce.

And then it extends to new events and programs designed to connect with college students, young workers, and mid-level employees across all fields. Here’s what we are planning in 2019:

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McAirlaid’s to Expand in Franklin County

mcairlaid's roanoke franklin county(Dec. 20, 2018) — McAirlaid’s, Inc. announced today it will increase manufacturing capacity by investing $7.8 million and creating 25 jobs at its Franklin County facility. The company, a subsidiary of Germany’s McAirlaid’s Vliesstoffe GmbH, established its North American headquarters in Franklin County in 2006 recruited by the Roanoke Regional Partnership and Franklin County.

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Home for the Holidays

From college students on break to adult children coming to town for holiday events, this is the perfect time to show off the Roanoke Region.

One of the goals of the Roanoke Regional Partnership’s talent attraction program is to connect with “boomerangs” — people who grew up in the region and who moved away to Charlotte, Northern Virginia, Richmond, or wherever — this a great place to live and more opportunity is here than ever before.  

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