Roanoke Valley Governor’s School Math Madness Gets National Attention

Your shot at Warren Buffet’s billion dollars may be over, but one quest for the perfect, or at least better, bracket is putting the national spotlight on one Roanoke Region school. CBS News featured a math program at the Roanoke Valley Govenor’s School focused on the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. 

Picking up on a story by local affiliate WDBJ-TV, CBS News ran the story on the homepage of their website. The piece features the unique way the Governor’s School implements the real-world applications of linear algebra using the NCAA tournament as a bracket as a learning tool. 

“I’m not a big basketball fan, but, teaching seniors in the spring, you have to have something that’s exciting that’s also educational to keep them motivated, and this seems to work,” Linda Gooding, the classes instructor told CBS. “It’s really applying math in a fun way for something that they all are interested in – the March Madness”

The students are tasked with picking the best brackets based on mathematical models, the same process students at Davidson, Georgia Tech, and Princeton use to predict their brackets. The brackets are then compared and pitted against the others in the class. The winner is awarded an A, and has bragging rights among their classmates. 

The Roanoke Region is known for its Acclaimed Higher Education with over 25 colleges and universities in the area, but now the high school STEM teachings of the region are also drawing national attention. This innovative way to teach the material, while also keeping it fun to hold students’ attention is what puts the Roanoke Region on the cutting edge of education. 

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Alleghany Highlands Races Recognized

alleghany highlands gran fondoThe Alleghany Highlands continue the tradition of putting the Roanoke Region on the outdoor recreation map. Races in the highlands recently won praise from Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, one of the strongest and most trusted authorities on outdoor sports in the region. In their February issue, Blue Ridge Outdoors cited the Middle Mountain Momma cycling race, the Alleghany Highlands Triathlon, Jackson River Scenic Trail Half Marathon, Allegheny Gran Fondo, and events at Lake Moomaw including a BASS fishing tournament and open water swim.

From biking, cycling, and trail running, to open water swimming and fishing, the Alleghany Highlands has something for every competitor. This diversity is just another example of the Roanoke Region’s ample outdoor recreation resources. 

Roughly half of the Alleghany Highlands lies inside the national forest, and includes a large portion of Douthat State Park meaning there is endless opportunities to get out and explore the area, even if you are not racing. 
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2013 A Good Year for Roanoke Region

Building on a 30 year tradition of success, the Roanoke Regional Partnership continued the economic growth of the Roanoke Region in 2013. 

Audience Reach 2013Founded in 1983, over the past 30 years the Partnership has assisted in bringing $1.5 billion in new investment and 14,000 primary new jobs to the region. Last year was no different, as the organization assisted 370 companies, and helped facilitate $122 million in new capital investment resulting in almost 300 new jobs for the area. Anchored by the largest single new business investment in Virginia in 2013 – Ardagh Group’s plan to open a new facility in Roanoke County – Roanoke saw new and expanding businesses across manufacturing, service, and retail. Once in full operation, the economic impact of these businesses is expected to jump to $159 million and over 600 new jobs for the region. 

As part of the Roanoke Regional Partnership’s mission to bring more attention to the area through different media, the audience reach continued to expand in 2013 through website visitors, newsletter subscribers, and social media exposure. 

The Roanoke Region also made 31 “Best of” lists in 2013, up from 20 the year before, including Best Places for Career and Business by Forbes, Best Regional Hospitals by U.S. News, 10 Beautiful Places to Run by USA Today, and Leader in Workforce Growth by Area Development Magazine. 

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Roanoke Named Top 10 Valentine’s Day Getaway

Roanoke glows with a special warmth on Valentine's DayWhat does Roanoke have in common with Venice, Paris, and Italy’s Amalfi Coast? 

Romance, of course!

Roanoke was named one of the Top 10 Valentine’s Day Getaway locations from around the globe by World Property Channel, a global real estate business news network. Citing the booming restaurant and culture scene, the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the romantic Hotel Roanoke, WPC ranked Roanoke above Venice, Bali and Hong Kong on its list.

The article also mentions the quaint shops of historic Grandin Village and the Grandin Theatre as hot spots for romance this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to travel far, or stamp your passport to have a tender night out with your loved one. 

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