Roanoke Region = High Value Living

Roanoke has the most affordable homes in Virginia.

A new ranking from HomeArea compares local home prices with local incomes to answer this question: “How many years would it take for the median income to pay off the median home price?”

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Business Accelerator to Offer $20,000 in Seed Capital for Cohort

ramp entrepreneur capital

The RAMP Business Accelerator will welcome a third cohort in May with a $20,000 incentive that can be used to fund the development of health, technology, science, and engineering startups.

The Regional Acceleration and Mentoring Program plans to accept five companies for its 2019 cohort; each startup will receive an equal portion of a $100,000 pool of dedicated seed money. Unlike some accelerator projects, RAMP will not demand any equity in selected companies in exchange for the awarded capital.

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