Appalachian Power Company is the electric power provider to approximately 1 million customers in Virginia, West Virginia, and northeast Tennessee. The company’s 3,350 employees operate 8,600 MW of generating assets, 7,434 miles of transmission lines, and 54,284 miles of distribution lines in its 20,500 square mile service territory. Total revenues for 2016 were $3 billion with a net income of $369 million.

How is the Roanoke Region important to your business?

Roanoke is the largest metropolitan area served by Appalachian Power. The Roanoke and New River Valley areas are home to some of Appalachian Power’s largest industrial customers as well as its largest commercial and medical services providers.

Why has your company invested in the Roanoke Regional Partnership? 

Our company is only as healthy and successful as the communities we serve. We wholeheartedly support the Roanoke Regional Partnership in its efforts to ensure the region is a great place to live and work for existing residents and businesses, and that we put our best foot forward to retain and attract new ones.