Gentry Locke has more than 55 lawyers practicing across a range of disciplines from offices in Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Richmond. We help companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals plan for and respond to their legal and business challenges. 

How is the Roanoke Region important to your business?

The Roanoke Region is our home. Gentry Locke started here and can trace its roots in Roanoke back more than 90 years. The growth, livability, spirit, and success of this region is vital to our continued success and to help us attract and keep talent.

Why has your company invested in the Roanoke Regional Partnership? 

Gentry Locke is proud to be an active participant in the success and growth of our region. The Roanoke Regional Partnership has produced strong results in business development, outdoor branding, and regional cooperation. We want to see that continue and expand.