Western Virginia Water Authority was created in July 2004 and provides drinking water for customers in the City of Roanoke and the counties of Roanoke, Franklin, and Botetourt. Wastewater service is provided to customers in the service area as well as the City of Salem and Vinton. Contractual water and wastewater services are provided to Fincastle.

How is the Roanoke Region important to your business?

The customers of the Western Virginia Water Authority live, work, and play in the beautiful Roanoke Region. Abundant supplies of water and a sanitary sewer system that contribute to a clean river are good for our business and the attractiveness of the region. The region’s skilled workforce and a strong customer base benefit our organization.

Why has your company invested in the Roanoke Regional Partnership? 

The Roanoke Regional Partnership shares the WVWA’s vision of improving the quality of life for our regional community. By working closely with the Partnership, we can promote how a robust drinking water distribution and sanitary sewer collection system benefit current and future customers.