From the northern Alleghany Highlands to the southern reaches of Franklin County, all communities form the Roanoke Region. A unique relationship between the communities creates a place that can be both “small and friendly” and a “bustling urban center.” Each community welcomes you to its neighborhoods, offering attractive amenities and friendly conversations.

City of Roanoke

roanoke virginia

Established: 1884 • Population (2020): 100,011  • Total Area (Land): 43 sq. mi.

Roanoke is a seven-time All-American City, One of America’s Most Livable Communities, and top Digital City. The area offers stunning natural beauty, exceptional amenities, and an unparalleled quality of life.

Whether you’re looking to visit or relocate, Roanoke has what you want. The city has a healthy local economy, a vibrant greater downtown, strong neighborhoods, and offers quality services to its citizens and visitors. 

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Roanoke County

roanoke county virginia

Established: 1838 • Population (2020): 96,929  • Total Area (Land): 251 sq. mi.

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge, the Roanoke County of today is the product of a long and varied history. The land itself was carved out of an ancient mountain range which left a great basin of fertile ground at the foot of Appalachia. Roanoke County remains dedicated to promoting a high quality of life and ample opportunity for its residents.

Maintaining excellent schools, ensuring effective public safety, and promoting competitive economic development remain top priorities for the county. Adaptive administration, regional cooperation, and public-private partnerships are leading the way. 

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Franklin County

franklin county virginia

Established: 1785 • Population (2020): 54,477  • Total Area ( Land): 690 sq. mi. (Water): 19 sq. mi.

Franklin County is comprised of communities that continue to value their farms, forests, waters, and cultural heritage. You can discover and choose from a diverse selection of attractions, from outdoor adventures like boating, camping and hiking, to cultural and historic experiences such as visiting the Blue Ridge Institute at Ferrum College or catching one of the many local musical performances.

Here, you get a chance to enjoy the many scenic corners of our community where every side road opens up new vistas, views, and quiet moments for those tired of crowds, long lines, and clutter. 

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Botetourt County

botetourt county virginia

Established: 1770 • Population (2020): 33,596  • Total Area (Land): 543 sq. mi.

Entering the Roanoke Region from the North, you will find yourself in Botetourt County, one of Virginia’s most scenic and historically significant counties. Botetourt County is filled with rolling hills, miles of hiking trails including the Appalachian Trail, scenic rivers and streams, historic towns and beautiful countryside all within majestic mountain backdrops.

Botetourt borders the Blue Ridge Parkway and is home to the Headwaters of the mighty James River. The combination of rivers, mountains, scenic countryside and historic towns creates a vacation experience that is second to none. It’s easy to drink in the beauty that will surround your every move in the County. 

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salem virginia

Established: 1802 • Population (2020): 25,346  • Total Area (Land): 14.4 sq. mi.

Salem was founded in 1802, and the first charter was granted in 1806 to “The Town of Salem in the County of Botetourt.” The present charter was granted by the General Assembly in 1968, upon petition of the now City of Salem, to reflect the necessary change since Salem has become a City.

Situated in the Shenandoah Valley between the Alleghany and Blue Ridge Mountains on the Roanoke River, Salem possesses all the beauty and grandeur that nature can bestow. 

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Alleghany County

 alleghany highlands virginia

Established: 1822 • Population (2020): 15,223  • Total Area (Land): 446 sq. mi.

Alleghany County is located along Interstate 64 in the western mountains of Virginia. The area offers quality educational facilities, business infrastructure and incentives, and a reliable workforce. Blessed by mountains, rivers, and streams, the Alleghany Highlands is rich with hunting, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor opportunities, including golf.

Among its array of interesting places are the historic Humpback Bridge, Falling Spring Falls, Jackson River Scene Scenic Trail, Lake Moomaw, and Douthat State Park. A heritage in arts and crafts and railroad history attract many to the area year-round. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or a new location for a business, the Alleghany Highlands welcomes you. 

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vinton virginia

Established: 1884 • Population (2018): 8,096  • Total Area (Land): 3.2 sq. mi.

The Town of Vinton is located in Roanoke County, and is bordered on its western and northern limits by the City of Roanoke. Vinton provides small town character with urban services and amenities located nearby. The small town atmosphere is characterized by a low crime rate, small locally and regionally owned businesses, and moderately priced homes.

Views of the mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway abound. Vinton represents the ideal type of community, small enough to provide a feeling of “belonging,” yet progressive enough to provide the facilities, services, and conveniences that are necessary to make a community “home” to its citizens. 

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covington virginia

Established: 1817 • Population (2020): 5,737 • Total Area (Land): 5.5 sq. mi.  

Located at the confluence of the Jackson River and Dunlap Creek, the City of Covington serves as the county seat for Alleghany County. The Jackson River runs through downtown providing immediate access to one of Virginia’s finest trophy trout fisheries, as well as other outdoor recreation activities. 

Many historic buildings and places are prevalent throughout Covington including the Persinger House, Rosedale Historic District, Luke Mountain Historic District and the C&O Depot. A quaint downtown is the hub of cultural and outdoor exploration in Alleghany County. 

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