Get2KnowNoke 2019 College Tour

Get2KnowNoke is on a mission to brand the Roanoke Region as a destination for college students to intern and work after graduation.

This spring, we will be in front of students from almost all 25 schools; including 13 four-year colleges and universities, two medical colleges, five community colleges, three career building colleges, and multiple graduate programs at the Roanoke Higher Education Center. From engineers and software developers to architects and liberal arts students, Get2KnowNoke is showing that there is a place for all majors in the Roanoke Region.

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Partnership Hosts Career Event with Students and Employers

What do Virginia Tech students and Roanoke Region companies have in common?

They want to connect on the same career paths.

The Roanoke Regional Partnership hosted an on-campus career event at Virginia Tech on Nov. 15, connecting several dozen students and businesses. The pilot workshop – Hike Our Career Paths – targeted engineering and computer science majors and helped them meet business leaders in construction, building design, advanced manufacturing, local government, and mechanical engineering.

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Asset Management Turns to Talent

erin burchamby Erin Burcham, director of talent solutions

Managing an asset has changed the narrative of the Roanoke region. By recognizing the outdoors as an economic asset, the region has successfully moved its story from railroads to “Beer, Bikes, and Brains.” The successful transformation began by recognizing that the outdoors – water, mountains, and trails – are more than just wallpaper. They are an economic asset that can be monetized through new businesses, tourism, and other economic activity generated by new residents attracted by our outdoor culture.

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