Region Makes List of Places to Visit in 2016

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What do Kassel, Germany; Hong Kong; and the Star City have in common? They are all part of LandLopers “16 Places You Should Visit in 2016.”

The travel blog’s list contains destinations around the globe and has this to say about the Roanoke Region: “Virginia’s mountain regions including the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Trail, have always been known for their rural beauty, but lately more and more people from around the world are discovering that the region’s culture is just as interesting. Start off in Roanoke, the Star City, and learn about how this city has transformed itself over the last decade. Also be sure to spend some time either driving the Blue Ridge Parkway or hiking the Appalachian Trail for your own A Walk in the Woods experience. Finish things off with a stay at the secluded Primland Resort, recently named one of the best hotels in the world.”

So make a point to check the Roanoke Region of your list if you aren’t from the area and consider some of the other destinations as well. You can find the full list from LandLopers.