Investment Prospectus

Through the federal Opportunity Zone program, banks, communities, investors, companies, and others may create Opportunity Funds to direct tax-advantaged investments to one of several opportunity zones in the Roanoke Region of Virginia. 

Opportunity Zones in the Roanoke Region of Virginia

  • 9 opportunity zones (12 districts)
  • 330,466 people live in the Roanoke Region
  • Total labor shed: 344,122
  • Residing in Opportunity Zones: 38,798
  • Average industrial building rent per s.f.: $5.27
  • Average office building rent per s.f.: $15.51
  • Average commercial building rent per s.f.: $13.00

Roanoke Region Opportunity Zones: Great Places to Invest

roanoke region mapAlleghany County


Franklin County


Roanoke County



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