Parks & Recreation
Parks & Recreation

On Your Own or On a Team, Get Out and Play

Go to any of the 50+ public parks in the region to read a book, have a family picnic, or play soccer with some friends. With the second largest municipal park in the nation, the parks and recreation departments throughout the Roanoke Region offer everything from sports leagues and art classes to leisure activities and social events.




Miles of Paved Trails


Public Parks

Youth Sports

Sports are a great way for children of all ages to develop skills such as teamwork, determination, and perseverance. In addition to high school-age sports teams, the Roanoke Region offers kids numerous options when it comes to organized, recreational team sports.

Along with soccer, baseball, basketball, and the like, kids in the Roanoke Region can also participate in individual sports like tennis and golf, and action sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, and paddling. 

Leagues are typically organized through localities’ parks and recreation departments. There are also other private youth leagues and clubs.

Adult Sports

Everyone knows that being active is important for a healthy lifestyle. From soccer and basketball to softball, swimming, tennis and more, the Roanoke Region offers plenty of organized athletic teams and clubs, so you can stay healthy while having fun and making friends.

The parks and recreation departments in the region offer a number of single-sex and coed adult leagues in a variety of sports.

Fun starts with Parks & Rec

Seven regional offices provide activities near you

Alleghany County, partnering with Covington, maintains recreational athletic leagues for youth and adults. They organize programs for seniors and host community events.

Botetourt County maintains 17 parks, trail ways, outdoor and indoor recreation centers, and a large athletic complex. They provide an array of activities, including recreational athletic programs for kids and adults, leisure programs, classes, and events for all ages.

Franklin County maintains nine parks, several trails, outdoor and indoor recreation centers, and numerous blueways. Home to a skate park, recreational athletics for all ages, sports classes and camps, and much more.

City of Roanoke maintains 68 parks, several greenways in partnership with Roanoke County, a skate park, outdoor and indoor recreation centers, and a natural reserve. The city hosts numerous community events and youth programs as well as recreational athletic leagues for all ages.

Roanoke County maintains 25 parks, several greenways in partnership with Roanoke City, indoor and outdoor recreation centers, and much more. Roanoke County offers classes in several activities for all ages and organizes recreational sports leagues.

Salem maintains seven parks, trails, fields, and more. Hosts community events throughout the year and provides instructional classes covering an array of activities for all ages. There are several organized sports leagues also available.

City of Covington maintains 60 acres of parks and playground areas, including eight athletic fields and the River Rock Amphitheatre. They provide an array of activities for all ages.

Explore the region

For mountain or road biking, hiking or camping, bass or fly fishing, climbing or caving, whitewater or flatwater, active outdoor users love the Roanoke Region. With more than 21% of all land designated for public recreation, five state parks, lakes, trails, and bike paths galore, it’s no wonder that this is an East Coast destination for outdoor adventure.

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