Wage Data
Wage Data

Skilled workforce and competitive salaries make your job listings stand out

Average wages in the Roanoke Region offer employers the opportunity to provide a skilled workforce with competitive salaries while ensuring the long-term viability of the businesses. When you can offer a great job in an amazing place to live, you’ve found the perfect combination for recruiting new employees.

Per Capita and Median Household Income

Per Capita Personal Income (2022)$55,243
Median Household Income (2023)$61,386
Source: BEA, Roanoke MSA 2022: ESRI, Inc, RRP Region, 2023

Average Income by Occupation

Packers and packagers, hand$31,360
Home Health and Personal Care Aides $27,440
Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers$48,520
Construction laborers$36,480
Receptionists and information clerks$31,780
Laborers and freight, stock, material movers$36,910
Officer clerks, general$38,730
Customer service representatives$39,740
Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks$42,910
Industrial truck and tractor operators$40,700
Maintenance and repair workers$43,820
Light truck drivers$46,560
Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer$53,710
Licensed practical and vocational nurses$54,950
First-line supervisors of office and admin.$60,190
Registered nurses$81,710
Retail Salespersons$32,820
Elementary school teachers$58,400
General and operations managers$116,910
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Roanoke MSA-May 2023


The Roanoke Region offers a range of diverse industries providing competitive job opportunities. The following charts outline the average wages for each general profession. For more information on jobs not listed here, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Professional, Technical, and Managerial

OccupationMedian Hourly Wage
Manager, Computer/Information Systems$67.02
Manager, Human Resources$56.00
Manager, Industrial Production$52.52
Civil Engineers$38.78
Engineer, Electrical$45.06
Engineer, Mechanical$39.86
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics-Roanoke MSA-May 2023


OccupationMedian Hourly Wage
Bookkeeping/Accounting Clerk$20.54
Executive Secretary/Admin Assistant$29.08
Receptionist Information Clerk$14.41
General Office Clerk$17.70
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics-Roanoke MSA-May 2023


OccupationMedian Hourly Wage
Computer Programmer$41.92
Computer User Support Specialist$24.39
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics-Roanoke MSA-May 2023


OccupationMedian Hourly Wage
Industrial Machinery Mechanic$24.70
Welder and Cutter$22.66
Extruding Machine Setters, Operators$17.97
Printing Press Machine Operator$18.04
Electric and Electronics Equipment Assembler$19.06
Stockers and Order Filler$15.39
Packer and Packager$13.88
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics-Roanoke MSA-May 2023

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