Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement for the Roanoke Regional Partnership

The Roanoke Region has a thriving, innovative, and growing economy that is inclusive of diverse businesses and talent, with quality sites, advanced infrastructure, and an array of natural and cultural lifestyle amenities and activities.

THRIVING – refers to a regional economy that is progressing toward greater prosperity for ALL residents and businesses of all sizes.

INNOVATIVE – encompasses the intellectual capital of researchers, entrepreneurs, and workers across industries that are translating novel ideas into valued, differentiated products, services, and companies.

GROWING – a holistic term that acknowledges the importance of job creation as a key driver of economic development and opportunity, but also recognizes the necessity of population growth and workforce expansion of economic vitality.

The Roanoke Regional Partnership believes the area’s full potential is realized when diversity, equity, and inclusion are the standards upon which we strengthen and impact our businesses and communities. The organization is committed to cultivating inclusive economic opportunity for all who call our region home in performing its mission.