New Get2KnowNoke Talent Ambassador Showcase Regional Pride

Large group of young professionals spose and smile on stage for the camera.
The 2024 Get2KnowNoke Talent Ambassadors announced at the Taubman Museum at the Roanoke Regional Professional Network social.

Our residents come from all walks of life; their interests vary; they have diverse wants and needs, but the thing folks in the Roanoke Region have in common is a healthy dose of community pride.

In September 2023, Get2KnowNoke made a call for a fresh batch of talent ambassadors for the upcoming year. Ambassadors are tasked with helping to tell the story of living and working in the region and building a connected community that welcomes new residents. This includes responsibilities such as representing the region at events, creating content for social media and blogs, and share their expertise and experience. In the past, we have had to reach out to people to personally ask if they’ll serve as ambassadors. This year was very different, and Get2KnowNoke’s brand builds.

Nearly 50 people applied to be an ambassador—to volunteer their time to tell the region’s story and be a resource for residents, employers, and visitors. That’s incredible and foreshadows great things for this program and the region. We’re overwhelmed by people’s eagerness to help us with our mission of attracting business and talent to the region.

Young Black man shakes hands with middle-aged white man at an outdoor social event.
Attendees chat at the Get2KnowNoke Park Session Social atop Mill Mountain

After a difficult selection process, Partnership staff narrowed it down to 24 people representing the region’s diversity, backgrounds, careers, and regional locations. At the final Roanoke Region Professionals Network (RRPN) quarterly social of the year, Julia Boas, director of talent strategies, introduced the 2024 Talent Ambassadors:

An official press release and ambassador website will launch in early January 2024, but we wanted to give Roanoke Regional Partnership investors a sneak peek.

We’re thankful to the first team of ambassadors who blazed the trail for this program, and we’re looking forward to working with this new group of professionals. Their differences are their strengths and their passion for the success of the Roanoke Region will lead the program to new heights.

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