RAMP, Regional Accelerator, Welcomes New Business Cohort


Innovation is brewing at RAMP, Roanoke’s regional business acceleration and mentoring program, which announced its latest cohort of startups. Eight companies were chosen for their ability to expand and create jobs within the impactful STEM-H field. The program begins May 15 in the RAMP building in downtown Roanoke.

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PowerSchool to More Than Double Employment in City of Roanoke

powerschool roanoke

ROANOKE (Sept. 8, 2017) – PowerSchool announced today that it will add 96 jobs to its 85 existing local positions and invest $1.8 million in new offices in the 110 Franklin building in Downtown Roanoke. The company will occupy two floors (approx. 40,000 s.f.) in the former Norfolk Southern Building which was purchased by a group of local investors after Norfolk Southern moved operations to Norfolk and Atlanta in 2015.

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Partnership Provides Assist to North Cross School

boxley north cross dorm

Another Roanoke Regional Partnership connection has resulted in success.

North Cross Head of School Chris Proctor came to the Partnership in 2014 for help finding a viable housing solution for international students. The Partnership and Roanoke Economic Development brought the school and a local developer together to find an answer.

North Cross School announced this week it is adding residential boarding with a new dormitory located in the Boxley Building in downtown Roanoke.  

North Cross will have rooms available beginning this fall in the newly renovated building which also will offer apartments. A new vitality will hit downtown with up to 48 students enjoying its amenities. And North Cross School will be able to house current — and attract new — boarding students in grades 9-12. The school also sees an opportunity to accommodate international students as well as many from outside the Roanoke Region.

Making connections and establishing relationships is just one part of what the Partnership does in the region every day.

Regional Broadband Authority Sets Rates and Plans to Sign First Customers

Roanoke Valley Broadband AuthorityThe first businesses to take advantage of the new regional fiber network will come online in the coming weeks.
The Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority plans to sign its first customers to the new 50-mile regional network in April after setting rates for services last week. The regional broadband authority offers fiber-based, business-class service. The bandwidth offered through the Authority’s services is exclusive to the end user and is ideal for institutions and businesses that must move large volumes of data reliably.  
The authority will also allow customers to lease dark fiber. Dark fiber is unlit fiber strands which allow clients that wish to install their own electronics to light their own dedicated fiber strands leased from the authority. Approximately 25 percent of the regional network is devoted to dark fiber, which has been available in only limited areas of the region.  
The regional authority’s services add to a diverse set of regional telecom and fiber-based communications services. The authority’s offerings provide access to dedicated bandwidth and even dark fiber services in areas of the region where such services were not available before. This new regional fiber network will be an asset for burgeoning technology businesses.
The completion and lighting of the network in April will be a major milestone for a new regional cooperative program. The authority was created in 2013 by the Counties of Botetourt and Roanoke and the Cities of Roanoke and Salem. The authority was a direct result of both public and private efforts to better understand and to advocate for more fiber-based broadband services.